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Upskill yourself at your pace with the complete BcD online experience.

Experience and understand every element of Brain-centric Design's Online Presentation Engagement, with twenty-eight individual Challenges you can access at your leisure!  BcD's online Challenge Wheel framework will delight you with the audiobook, multiple perspectives, an online population to collaborate with, even a report at the end of each Challenge to literally show you your shift in learning!

Practical Info

Self-Paced Online Course with No Deadlines
You'll never miss a class since there are no deadlines

Every Chapter from Brain-centric Design (the book)
Like Alice in Wonderland, you'll plunge into each subject deeply, experiencing every Big Idea in multiple perspectives.  Seriously!

Audiobook Included!
Each section begins with the audiobook reading before you engage in the Challenge.  Check out the FREE Chapter below:  Behaviorism Is Outdated in its entirety!

Permanent Access to Course Material
You'll have access to your course material whenever you want it, and on whatever device

28 hours over 8 weeks (Estimated)
There's no time limit to finish a course, so can take as much time as you need

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Learn at the office, on your sofa, and on the go

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When you complete this foundational course on BcD, you're invited!

Prefer to be Mentored by a Cognitive Learning Neuroscientist?
The BcD Mentor/Mentee Private Learning Group begins AUGUST 10th


Looking to innovate YOUR thinking and communication skillset for retention, depth, & understanding of any concept, presentation, or delivery of new information?

Here you learn to communicate & think this way; 21st-century learning skills.

Today's most high-value work is Cognitive; critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and constant digital upskilling are required to solve complex problems, all while communicating clearly and for deep understanding.

Ask Danny Pringle III, BcID, and CVS Health Senior Learning Consultant, Transformation Learning and Performance

When people 'think' about what you're presenting, and relate to their own betterment, safety, or enjoyment, they own it.  That's now 'their' material. 

This does work.  It's called Cognition.

Brain-centric Design is like a GPS for what you present to get it where you want it:  So they understand it and do what you want them to with it.  It enables you to 'get cognitive' and present the most high-value information always.

Brain-centric Design's cognitive framework, or 'template' for you to place the material you want to present, will reduce the time it takes to present it, each learner will recall all of your material because they'll see the value to themselves, and they'll enjoy receiving your information because it was delivered the way the brain accepts it, and in a way people love to learn.

It's not clever. It's science. And, it applies to your work:

  • Management
  • Sales & Upselling
  • Training & Development
  • Facilitation of Meetings & Events
  • Workshop Presentations
  • Education of any Subject or Concept

Brain-centric Design will teach you to teach your audience to uncover Intrinsic Motivation, Growth Mindset, and Adaptive Expertise in every concept you present. This means they'll make your concepts their own, they'll connect opportunities to your presentations that are important to them, and they'll be more successful because you've taught them to think, about your content, and what it means to them.