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The Nested Egg Generator

Make your learning visible with the Nested Egg.  Before the brain will 'accept' new information, your information needs to be placed in the order the brain will accept it.  Said another way, a Nested Egg helps you find your Big Idea, and prioritize understanding of that Big Idea easily...by making your learning visible.

Easy to use, free, and an essential tool for making your thoughts visible, adaptable, and shareable with Team Members to assure deep understanding.

Build your Nested Eggs HERE!

Don't be a Lobe-A-Phobe!Don't Be a Lobe-A-Phobe!

Any time you're presenting new information to an audience, it is essential to connect your Big Idea to all four lobes of the brain.  When building a presentation for an audience, a Lobe-A-Phobe is someone who only engages one or two lobes of the brain when they present their Big Idea. In other words, they're not using the brain to get their Big Idea across!

Each Lobe-A-Phobe card has a unique prompt designed to engage different lobes in the brain, so your next presentation, lesson, course, lecture, sales pitch, friendly advice, speech, report, focused conversation, strategy session, ideation, is deeply understood. When someone experiences the Big Idea through multiple perspectives on that Big Idea, they, and you, gain deep understanding.

Click here to try Don't Be A Lobe-A-Phobe right now!  Or, get your own deck of 56 Don't Be A Lobe-A-Phobe cards on Amazon

Brain Breaks by Brain-centric DesignTime for a Brain Break!

A brain break is just what it sounds like - a break from whatever learners are focusing on. Typically, learners are sitting down in classrooms as they are absorbing new information. This forces the blood to flow to the buttocks and thigh region. But for executive function, the brain needs this blood. 

Brain Breaks during work time have been shown to have true benefits including reduced stress & frustration, and an increase in attention and productivity! A Brain Break clears the working memory before fatigue, distraction, or lack of focus set in.  By standing up to do a Brain Break, you achieve two things:

  1. You engage the cerebellum for balance and movement.
  2. You get the blood flowing in the cerebral regions.

Try a Brain Break now!