Become a Brain-centric Instructional Designer (BcID), the highest accreditation for the Neuroscience of Learning

BcD Cohort Certification


Nine individuals per Cohort meet weekly with BcD's originators in this unequaled learning advancement.

Each week, upskill your L&D team members to the Neuroscience of Learning  by understanding & implementing Brain-centric Design in your onboarding, training, human resources, future upskilling, and meetings to accomplish understanding on any subject or content.

Open group classes are also held regularly and announced over all Neuroscience of Learning channels.

Practical Info

Engage, Collaborate, & Ignite in a private Learning Space
Live, each week, spend 90-minutes with a Cognitive Learning Neuroscientist

The Neuroscience of Learning's BcD Mentor/Mentee Model
You need the framework to deliver Psychological Safety. This is it.

Every Chapter from Brain-centric Design (the book)
Like Alice in Wonderland, you'll plunge into each subject deeply, play at your pace

Audiobook Included!
Each section begins with the audiobook reading before you engage in the Challenge

Permanent Access to Course Material
You'll have access to your course material whenever you want it, and on whatever device

36 hours over 14 weeks (Estimated)
A private Mentor/Mentee group collaboration each week, and 2-3 sections by yourself

Learn on Any Device
Learn at the office, on your sofa, and on the go

Professional Learning Community on LinkedIn
When you complete this foundational course on BcD, you're invited!

Brain-centric Instructional Designer 
Cohort Certification Series

Exclusive Cohort Certification Opportunities: Elevate your communications to the most high-value possible in this 14-week Brain-centric Design Experience.  You'll not only learn the Brain-centric Design (BcD) model, you'll learn while training inside the model online asynchronously as well as together in weekly online learning spaces!  Each week you'll be tasked with several BcD online Challenges, experiencing the BcD framework online.  Also each week, the group meets as a group and continues the BcD model through a deep understanding of each week's focus.

This is the Neuroscience of Learning framework igniting business from Silicon Valley to the Forbes 100:

The BcD Mentor/Mentee Model.

How do you provide a psychologically safe learning environment for all learners, guaranteed?  How to you guarantee 100% engagement in the subject matter you're presenting, and at the same time, delight every learner in attendance?  How do you do this in less time, with more retention, and less attrition every time?

ANSWER:  By having a presentation framework that is learner-centric, a pedagogy of the Learning Sciences in Cognitive Neuroscience, and eclipses every level of Kirkpatrick's Levels of Evaluation, every time. 

We will launch you into a 14-week journey with Brain-centric Design founders Rich Carr and Kieran O'Mahony, PhD.  Each week, each student dives deeply into demystifying the brain, what learning actually is, how to remove behaviorism from all future presentations, and the principles behind connecting your content to their brain through understanding The Nested Egg and building The Challenge Wheel. 

Each week this Private Learning Group gathers online to dive deeper as you further collaborate with other brilliant minds upskilling to the neuroscience of learning in their business.  It's an opportunity never before available, until now!

Brain-centric Design's cognitive framework, or 'template' for you to place the material you want to present, will reduce the time it takes to present it, each learner will recall all of your material because they'll see the value to themselves, and they'll enjoy receiving your information because it was delivered the way the brain accepts it, and in a way people love to learn.

It's not clever. It's science. And, it applies to your work:

  • Management
  • Sales & Upselling
  • Training & Development
  • Facilitation of Meetings & Events
  • Workshop Presentations
  • Education of any Subject or Concept

Brain-centric Design will teach you to teach your audience to uncover Intrinsic Motivation, Growth Mindset, and Adaptive Expertise in every concept you present. This means they'll make your concepts their own, they'll connect opportunities to your presentations that are important to them, and they'll be more successful because you've taught them to think, about your content, and what it means to them.