Become a Brain-centric Instructional Designer (BcID), the highest accreditation for the Neuroscience of Learning

BcID Individual Certification


You, one-on-one, with the originators of Brain-centric Design, and the industry's Neuroscience of Learning.

The most respected Certification of the Neuroscience of Learning is the Brain-centric Instructional Designer (BcID).  Leading Learning & Development with a Cognitive Neuroscience Pedagogy to lift all learners to access their limitless potential.

We use proven neuroscience models to support individuals & organizations with innovative thinking that increases retention, depth, & understanding.

Today's high-value work is Cognitive; critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration through constant digital upskilling are required to solve 21st-century problems...

Successful brands are brands with better thinkers...those that access the brain's limitless potential.

Join us. Neural up your system capacity!


The Brain-centric Instructional Designer (BcID) Certification is the Neuroscience of Learning credential for advancing information management and talent development, instructional design, performance improvement, organizational learning, training, and sales through Cognitive Neuroscience.

The Brain-centric Instructional Designer can:
     • Perceive all three paradigms elements in a shift towards cognitivism
     • Recognize where they are in this 3D model (self-regulation)
     • Choose, at will, where they want to be concerning current social context

The BcID can thoroughly explain & facilitate a course on Intrinsic Motivation, Growth Mindset, and Adaptive Expertise. As a result, the BcID must be able to make the connection between these three bodies of literature that are igniting the cognitive renaissance.

Our BcID champions are firmly tethered to the growing professional Brain-centric Design community via the online Professional Learning Community on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more directly, via phone and email, email communiqués, and access to all published BcD resources, templates, branding, and tools.

New BcIDs often will make mistakes and need to pivot and recover. Initial trials and some failures present opportunities for learning to get past an inherent Implementation Dip. They must understand the Revert to Default syndrome is very real and be prepared to endure it.

Brain-centric Instructional Designers also can be invited to become Faculty at the Neuroscience of Learning Academy (NoLA) to develop and implement an online Academy for themselves, their business, and their clients.
As adaptive experts practicing cognitive flexibility, as well as tolerance for ambiguity, we show industry leaders how to adjust, and pivot in response to the environment and social context.